Yoga Nidra Course

Taught by Dr. Marc Halpern (Dr Siva)Saturday, May 6 – Tuesday, May 9, 2017Tuition : $595.00

Yoga Nidra is a profound state of consciousness—beyond time and space (and pain). Slow down. Peel back the layers. Empty yourself. Be the witness. Guided meditation leads a journey inside the physical and subtle bodies. Observe blockages and release them. You will be astounded at what can be done to restore energy and heal. Yoga Nidra is a tool for creating a new experience.

Conscious deep relaxation benefits the heart, nervous system, immune system, reducing pain and inflammation, stabilizing blood sugar and improving mood. Sleep better.

Comprehensive curriculum. Receive a certificate on successful completion of this course. You will be ready to teach immediately following the program.

More info here.

Read a blog article by Dr. Halpern.

Watch a video on featuring Dr. Halpern on his personal journey toward health through Yoga Nidra followed by a guided Yoga Nidra session.  

This program qualifies for 36 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits.



Day One

8:00am Puja

9:00am12:00pm Introduction, History and Mythology of Yoga Nidra

1:003:00pm Lecture Continued

3:00–5:00pm Yoga Nidra Practice led by Dr. Siva


Day Two

8:0010:00am Practice: Yoga Nidra with Dr. Siva

10:00am12:00pm Lecture: How to teach yoga nidra

1:002:00pm Script review

2:00–5:00pm Student Teaching -1


Day Three

8:00–10:00am   Practice: Yoga Nidra and circle with Dr. Siva

10:00am–12:00pm   Science and Evidence Basis for Yoga Nidra

1:00–5:00pm  Student Teaching -2


Day Four

8:0010:30am  Student Teaching – 3

10:30-11:30am  Bringing Yoga Nidra to your community

11:30am1:00pm  Group lunch

1:002:00pm  Yoga Nidra Practice led by Dr. Siva

2:00–3:00pm  Closing Q & A

3:00pm Graduation Puja

Target to end at 4pm



Programs will be held at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, 1185 Vicente Street (at 23rd Ave) in San Francisco (CA 94116)

Free street parking available. Accessible by Muni: L-Taraval train to 22nd Ave or #28 bus to Vicente.



There is a motel close to the L-Taraval train, which stops two blocks from the Center: Ocean Park Motel (Or it is a 30-minute walk to the Center.)

There are Airbnb options in the area, many walkable to the Center. We recommend early booking for these.

Airport hotels would be an easier drive than downtown hotels.



Dr. Marc Halpern (Dr Siva)

Dr. Marc Halpern (Dr. Siva) is founder and President of the California College of Ayurveda, the oldest school of Ayurvedic Medicine in the United States. He is a leader in the development of Ayurvedic Medicine in the United States. He is the initiator and co-founder of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, the National Council on Ayurvedic Education and the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine. He has written three textbooks on the principles and clinical practices of Ayurvedic Medicine used at colleges across the United States and the popular book, Healing Your Life: Lessons on the Path of Ayurveda. He is also author of the #1 best selling Meditation CD in the United States: Yoga Nidra and Self Healing. He also sits on the editorial boards of five different indexed research journals in the United States and in India. Marc Halpern was originally a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and post-graduate specialist in Holistic Medicine. He began his studies of Ayurveda in 1991 with Dr. David Frawley and went to study Ayurvedic Medicine with Dr. Subhash Ranade in 1993. He is also a teacher of Yoga in the Sivananda Yoga lineage.